No Sleeping Running Club x Diadora


No Sleeping Running Club and Diadora announce a partnership with intentions set on expanding reach and motivating you to “Get Active”. This collaboration promises some fresh functional attire, major running events, and media content designed to inspire and educate on the horizon.

In little over one year after starting, NSRC is up for bigger and better challenges with the support of the experts at Diadora. The once IRL check-ins and call-outs between JR Jensen and Los Antonio to keep on their running game was transformed by covid restrictions into a now thriving online community including weekly outdoor runs. The running club’s main pillars of accountability and autonomy grew from this friendly alliance and has, in turn, drawn quite the crowd. With active members checking into the club from both coastlines and in between, No Sleeping Running Club, has clearly leveled up. Each club member posts personal check-ins, varying widely, from the 100-mile monthly goal crushers to “the everyday heroes”, like mothers and teachers trying to regain their active lifestyle. JR Jensen, NSRC Co-Captain describes the club’s mission as providing an “inclusive, accessible and welcoming community that is designed to push and support active members”.


(JR Jensen - Co-Captain; Alexander Arslan - Diadora, Field Marketing Coordinator; Los Antonio - Co-Captain )


According to Co-Captain Los Antonio,” the decision to collaborate with Diadora sportswear goes beyond the stamp of approval from a true authority in the running and sports world and delves deeper into the dynamic attitude of the brand’s mission”. Both companies share the same goal to motivate and support people to “Level Up” and “Get Active”. Diadora USA has stated, “The literal translation of Diadora is sharing gifts and honors. The partnership between NSRC & Diadora is a real-life application of that translation. Both organizations share a similar vision and values to bring wellness and accountability to all. NSRC uplifts and brings individuals together through the power of running. At Diadora, everyone is a runner and understands how running can positively impact one's day and life. The synergy, culture, and attitude of both organizations will cultivate an exciting partnership for years to come".

This creative and supportive alliance promises to make some real changes in the everyday runner’s world. The meeting of Diadora’s experience in the field and No Sleeping Running Club’s growing community is bound to bring more people together, who may be walking different paths but running towards the same goal.

- Written by Club Member Shannon Walsh